Brett (brettmania) wrote in interestingppl,

Me? An interesting person?

Let's see...

  • I draw cartoons (have done all my life, esp. comic strips).  I studied animation for 4 years. Don't have enough money for some good equipment to make more animated cartoons, but am saving.
  • I have a bizarre sense of humour which people either find offensive, weird or lame.
  • I'm from Australia - grew up here. It's too damn hot and uncomfortable and I can't work or think or sleep or eat or dance or write or fart or hammer a nail or lick boats or kick goats under these scorching conditions.
  • I like trip-hop (as in Portishead, Massive Attack, Lamb, Zero 7, DJ Shadow, DJ Cam, Alpha, etc.), but I also like trance, drum 'n' bass, jazz, funk, and quirky circus-metal (like Mr. Bungle, Secret Cheifs 3, Dog Fashion Disco, etc.) This is all music a lot of people think is weird. But I think it's onion-fresh!
  • I play in a quirky circus-metal band called Headkase (yes, indeed we opened for Skinlab), and I'm the keyboardist with the silly mask in the picture.
  • I make all sorts of noises, squeeks and squawks.
  • I like to double-clap. It's like a clap version of a double kick pedal effect (as in drumming). People always ask me to do it slower so they can see how I'm doing it. They can't do it. I double-clap at any given oppurtunity.
  • If I like celtic circles, and other celtic designs, I don't see why I should have to know the history of each and every one of them before saying I like the look of the design. I know that's the same as someone saying they like the look of the Nazi swastika symbol without knowing the history and meaning behind it, but I still choose to like celtic designs.
  • I like Jolt Cola because it has more caffeine apparently.
  • I feel tired when I should be awake, and I can't sleep when I need to. So basically, I don't sleep at all, because when I'm tired I have to stay awake because I'm at work or whatever.
  • I work as a market researcher because there's no work in animation unless you have all your own equipment and can do it all yourself. I'm trying to save money from work so I can afford that. As a market researcher, I sit at a computer with a headset, and the computer autodials people, and I ask survey questions, reading off a script. I laugh at some of the rude, obnoxious people who refuse to participate. Some yell, some slam the phone down. They're so grumpy and funny. They don't realise I'm just trying to do my job. I like being extremely polite and bubbly to people who answer the phone in a really tired and depressing way.
  • I had no idea my city (Brisbane, Australia) has had a new mayor for 8 months. *shrugs*
  • I believe OLDER PEOPLE are the ones with no respect... not young people. Older people treat every young person like a crimminal. Yet they expect to be treated like royalty.
  • I wouldn't feel proud if I was sent off to war. I'd feel a bit embarressed and pissed off actually... being forced to run around risking my life while murdering everyone. I'm so terrible at working with machines and technology, I'd probably end up accidentally shooting my own head off just trying to get the damn gun working!
  • When I walk under street lights at night, they flicker off... and then when I pass the light, they flicker on again. Sometimes this is vice versa.
  • Whenever I sit at a public computer, like when I was at school, or in a library or when I was at college... it would always start going crazy on me. Error messages, and all kinds of problems. The teacher or lecturer or librarian would come over and say, "Oh... I've never seen that before! You'd better move to a different computer!"... so the technition would come in, inspect the problem, shake his head, and then put up a sign saying something like, "Out of order! Do not use!"... So I have the ability to destroy computers just by sitting in front of them and using them correctly.
  • Teachers always used to lose my assignments which I handed in early or on time... then I'd get yelled at for not doing the work, when I did. They'd finally find it after a lot of trouble.
  • Film Festivals always lose the films I enter. Or they say it's on the programme, and even list it on the programme, but baby - they don't show it on the night! And if they show it on the night, the projector has a colour problem and screens it in black & white... or the sound is too loud, or too soft. My films have never successfully screened properly in full colour with the sound just right. It's either a complete screw up, or it doesn't screen at all.
  • I like chocolate too much. And cartoons too!
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