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.// Hey glamorous, this vile's not god anymore.

I am known to many and most as Lindsay. I am but a mere sixteen (seventeen, come February). I am left-handed. I have a large obsession with Tori Amos (among others, including, but not limited to: Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, At the Drive-In and the Smashing Pumpkins), whom I was lucky enough to meet this month by some freak spurt of luck. I am a hopeless romantic although I cannot, myself, say that I have ever fully experienced the reciprocity of true love. I am a poet; a dreamer; vain, yet terribly self-conscious. I have flirted with disordered eating (of which, I am, by no means proud), and have a somewhat skewed and ill-sense of self-worth and beauty. Conversely, I am able to find beauty in nearly everything; things both small and large. I am bisexual, though I hate the term. (I much prefer to say that my love is limitless, boundless, and knows no gender. But, oftentimes, that is quite a mouthful.) I love beaches, but I also love winter. I love to photograph the world (as is exemplified with my ever-increasing need to frequently purchase those damn AA batteries for my digicam) and would someday like to learn professional photography. I love life... yet I hate it just the same. I am me; I am unique... or so I'd like to think.

Am I the proper material for this community, do you think?
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